How to keep the car

Cleaning the headlights

Be careful to clean the headlights of the car for maintenance and visibility, because if it is unclean, the driving becomes dangerous, especially at night, where toothpaste can be used to clean the headlights by wiping it with paste, then rinse with water, and then leave it dry completely.

Clean the engine

Cleaning the engine compartment regularly with soap and water contributes to the maintenance of the vehicle. It also makes it easier for the car owner and mechanic to find leaks, damaged parts, and other problems with belts and hoses, as well as periodic cleaning of the engine helps to cool it better during operation.

Keep the battery

Be sure to avoid stopping the car in the garages of high temperature, to protect them from exposure to rust, but in the winter must be careful to stop in the garage or indoor garage away from the cold, as this leads to maintain the warmth of the battery, and in the absence of a garage or The insulated garage, it can protect the battery by isolating it, also it can buy the solar charger for the battery, where it helps recharge the battery charging by solar energy.


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